Writer’s Ups and Downs

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Writing is like riding a bike in a hilly area.  Writing can make you ecstatic when the you have perfect inspiration and the words flow beautifully. This is a wonderful feeling, like going downhill on your bike.  It’s easy, the wind is in your hair, and you just feel great.  But sometimes, writers experience a time of no inspiration and the words just won’t flow no matter how hard you try.   This is difficult and discouraging, like going uphill on your bike.  It’s very hard work and the fun is gone.  However, when you push through, you may end up with a beautiful piece of writing, but even if you don’t, you usually learn something.  I’m having one of those hard writer times right now, but I’m confident that being a writer is worth it, so I’m going to persevere through the hard spots.

What do you think is the hardest part of writing?


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