The Many Faces of Writing

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I love to explore new writing techniques.  I’ll explain why I like each kind below.  You’ll see a bit of my own practicing of all of these methods on Flowering Keyboard.

Paragraphs–  You are probably surprised to see paragraphs first on my list.  It can be easy to think they’re too basic to practice.  But, never underestimate the power of a single paragraph.

Paragraphs can help you learn:

  • Articulation – to say what you mean in only a few sentences, yet still remain very clear.
  • Quicker Writing- the faster you can write one paragraph, the faster and more effectively you can write a longer written piece.
  • To be succinct-  to present a compact precise expression without wasted words.

Who knew you could learn all this from a single paragraph?

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Essays – Are essays only for students in school?  Nope, they are a valuable skill to develop.

Writing essays can help you learn:

  • How to develop your thoughts.
  • Deeper and more complex articulation of ideas.
  • Practice transitions and flow of your writing.
  • How to influence or affect others.

 tiny floralswirl2

Haiku – My newest writing adventure!  I’m kind of in love with it:-)

Haiku is useful for:

  • Seeing beauty in simple things.
  • Expressing beauty and depth.
  • Seeing a little snapshot of something bigger.
  • Tweeting –  because they are short.

tiny floralswirl2

Novel Writing –  I’m writing my first novel now! It’s called Recalled to Life.

My reasons for writing a novel are:

  • I love to write in novel form.  It comes most natural to me.
  • I feel there is a gap in quality literature for teens and young adults and will be writing for that age group.
  • I see stories in my mind.
  • I love to read and write.


Short Stories – I haven’t dabbled in short stories yet, but I wish to do so. Maybe next year…

Do you like to dabble in different writing techniques or focus on perfecting only one?


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