The Fork in my Road

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fork in the road


I’ve decided to let go of my novel-in-progress, Recalled to Life.  I’ll be working on my other novel idea, The Exiles, now. (see my ‘Novels’ page for more details).   This may seem like giving up too soon, but here are my reasons for this decision:


  • Not every story idea is a good idea.  Unfortunately, you have to put a lot of work into an idea until you can determine this.
  • The Exiles was actually my first story idea.  In hindsight, I can see that I dove into Recalled to Life because I was intimidated by the other story.  Fear was my motivation for writing that first.


Here are the reasons why I’m not upset about this choice:

  • The time spent away from The Exiles gave me new perspective when I came back to it.
  • I learned a lot about novel writing with my first project.  Now I understand better how to build a story.  For me, second tries are usually better than my first.


During the last week I have begun pre-outlining The Exiles.  This is the step where you build plot, characters, themes and symbolism, before you start outlining for real.  Already, I feel more bound to this story than I did when I was pre-outlining my first story.  I’m very excited about my progress!


How do you decide how to let go of a story?


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