Flashbacks in your Writing

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Flashbacks can be a valuable technique in writing, if placed strategically.  I’ve found that books without them typically have less depth and are less interesting.  The Divergent series is an example of this.  These books don’t have flashbacks and I thought the characters were not very developed as they could have been. I’m currently reading a book that has many flashbacks and the characters are more human and I am able to understand their motives better.


Here are some benefits of having flashbacks in your writing:flashback image

  • Helps your readers sympathize with your character more.
  • A flashback can be gripping way to show some life-changing event in your character’s life.
  • Can show readers what formed your character and why he believes what he does.
  • Can help the reader understand the current conflict better.


When not to add a flashback:

  • If the flashback doesn’t add anything interesting to the story.
  • The event in the flashback wasn’t significant or life-changing.
  • If the flashback doesn’t strengthen the current conflict.


 Do you like using flashbacks in your writing?


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