Short Stories

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short story

Recently, I’ve been writing more short works.  Fanstory has helped me write more because of the daily prompts and contests.

I personally really like short stories.  They are good practice for novelists, because a short story is built similarly to a novel.  I’ve also used a short story to ‘get to know’ my character if I don’t have a clear idea of how they should be.  Short stories also make great blog posts, and if they are long enough, they can be a part 1, part 2, which creates suspense for your followers.   I found a blog post that works you through the steps of writing a short story, all the way from inspiration to the rough draft.

The author, Paul Alan Fahey, is an accomplished writer and has published several short stories and novellas.

This post was so helpful for me, and I now better understand how to create a short story.  I hope to write a short story soon and post it on this blog.


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